About Me

I am a proud former Merchant Mariner, Navy Reservist and union member.  Currently a mother of three, wife of a Chief Engineer and aspiring graphic designer.  I love the sea and hope to share my passion for all things nautical by creating unique designs for seafarers and their loved ones. 

Sea Cred -  I spent a decade at sea and hold  a 1st Engineer Unlimited Horsepower (Steam/Motor) USCG License.  After graduating from the US Merchant Marine Academy I started my sailing career along the shores of New York aboard the Staten Island Ferry, then baby steps to the freighters of the Great Lakes and deep sea on whatever jobs came across the Board.  I also dabbled as a Port Engineer and an Inventory Management Contractor for major shipping companies.

The time I spent shipboard and traveling the world have been some of the most cherished.  My current adventure, however, keeps me shoreside- responsible for keeping three little people alive and thriving while my husband sails as Chief Engineer onboard a containership (he is Cal Maritime Alumni so we don't hate on other Academies in this house).

My second passion is graphic design, which was always a hobby.  I have created these designs myself- mainly in my office while simultaneously trying to corral three small children and keep the house from burning down.  All orders are printed and fulfilled by a third party printing company and shipped directly to you.  I hope that one day I can take on the printing aspect as well, but right now I am focusing on the creative process and coming up with great designs to share with you!  I hope you like what I am creating.